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Stock [Fading Trees]
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Etsy shop 
02|25|11 @ 6:21pm
Stock [Fading Trees]
Just wanted to share my Etsy shop with those that are still following me on here though I've been absent for what seems like a lifetime.

As a new years resolution I opened up an Etsy shop selling my hand-dyed yarns. Why don't you go take a peek and let me know what you think? XD

Find me on Etsy here: Another Crafty Girl
You can also find a tumblr I set up for the shop here: www.anothercraftygirl.com

I hope you're all doing well and I'm so sorry to have lost touch with so many of you. If you'd like to add me on facebook just send me a PM. I'd love to hear from all of you!

♥ ♥ ♥
02|26|11 @ 12:24am (UTC)
Oh wow, they are really pretty! :D My favourite is Strong Sock - Serenity
02|26|11 @ 8:11pm (UTC)
Those look super cute and clever. I do not use yarn but the Mrs. Peacock one is so tempting to get because your color scheme is magnificent.
08|01|11 @ 4:46pm (UTC)
You still owe me a hat, Wench.
08|01|11 @ 4:54pm (UTC)
Oh I'm sorry, I only make stuff for nice people.
08|01|11 @ 5:00pm (UTC)
Guess you must have a servant to make everything for YOU then huh.
08|01|11 @ 7:12pm (UTC)
Nah, I'm selfish so I make things for myself when I can.
05|10|12 @ 3:02am (UTC)
Fuck you, give the sheep their fluff back. You stole it and now you're selling stolen goods to people on Etsy.
05|10|12 @ 4:58pm (UTC)
Is this your way of saying you want to be my friend again?
05|10|12 @ 7:38pm (UTC)
No. I just want you to leave the cheap alone. They've had enough of you stealing their shit and making a profit out of it.

I couldn't careless about you.
05|10|12 @ 8:39pm (UTC)
Well, I've not stolen anything but thanks for sharing your opinion.
05|10|12 @ 8:43pm (UTC)
Tell that to the sheep freezing to death right now.
05|10|12 @ 11:07pm (UTC)
It will grow back, no need to worry about them.
05|10|12 @ 11:10pm (UTC)
That's not what they've been telling me.
05|10|12 @ 11:15pm (UTC)
I wasn't aware that you spoke fluent sheep...
05|10|12 @ 11:17pm (UTC)
you never were too bright.
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