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Stock [Fading Trees]
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knitting & tumblr.com 
03|21|09 @ 10:45pm
Stock [Fading Trees]
I've been spending a lot of my free time knitting lately. I don't know what's gotten into me, but I can't stop. Not that that's a bad thing, I'm really quite enjoying myself, it's just becoming quite expensive and I find myself lusting after all the beauteous yarn out there that's hand spun and hand painted. I just want to touch it all!

Currently I've mostly been working on my sock yarn blanket. It’s very exciting to see my sock blankie progressing. It’s currently in a scarf-like stage but hopefully I’ll continute to make progress in a timely manor. I really enjoy working on this project a little everyday. Even if I only have time to make one square that day there still instant gratification and it makes me happy.

Rav Link

5% Complete Detail

5% Complete

That being said, I'm not sure how much I'll be updating here anymore. I sort of feel like my time here at livejournal is coming to an end. I still read my flist daily as well as follow a few communities but as an active personal output for me, I think it is over. I've really taken a liking to www.tumblr.com in all it's simplicity and will most likely from now on only be updating there. You can find me here: ponkie.tumblr.com
03|22|09 @ 3:59am (UTC)
i have a tumblr too! i just got addicted to it, like, today. lol.
shimshim.tumblr.com :]
03|22|09 @ 4:04am (UTC)
I shall follow you!
03|22|09 @ 7:20am (UTC)
That is really freaking cool.
03|22|09 @ 10:40am (UTC)
That's absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors!
03|22|09 @ 10:50am (UTC)
PS: I can't find a feed link on your tumblr account. Do you know if there is one available?
03|22|09 @ 12:09pm (UTC)
I thought just adding /rss would get you to Sarah's feed, but it doesn't seem to work on hers... it works on mine. There must be a setting you can uncheck or something
03|22|09 @ 3:25pm (UTC)
Actually, http://ponkie.tumblr.com/rss should work? Let me know if it does not.
03|22|09 @ 3:27pm (UTC)
It does now! Thanks; added. :)
03|22|09 @ 6:57pm (UTC)
What?? I got kind of scared when I read your last paragraph. Not really sure what tumblr is...::goes over::

Oh and your blankie is looking so cool!
03|22|09 @ 7:48pm (UTC)
Those are amazing! Gorgeous colors.

I don't have a tumblr account, but I'll be watching yours. :D
03|22|09 @ 8:54pm (UTC)
that looks amazing!
and i love love love tumblr.
08|01|09 @ 8:25am (UTC)
I'm so sad you don't update anymore :( Regardless, I wanted to wish you the best birthday! Have fun ^___^
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