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another year 
01|13|09 @ 5:00pm
Stock [Christmas Trees]
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you're enjoying 2009.

christmas recap
Christmas Loot
Thank you all for the wonderful Christmas cards you sent me, I really appreciate it. I didn't manage to get mine sent out and I fear it's now too late. However, I have decided that I will keep the cards I made for next Christmas AND I will send you all a surprise postcard/letter at some point throughout the year in addition to a holiday card. I think getting some random surprise snail mail might be more fun anyway.

I got a lot of amazing things for Christmas this year. I still can't believe how much awesome there is, truly thankful. Here's a photo I took a the stuff I got! If you click it there's a bunch of notes saying what everything is at flickr.
Not pictured:
  • a matching dresser that goes with the bed John and I got.
  • 42" Samsung Plasma TV from John to my family.
  • XBOX 360 & PS3 from my parents to Frank, John & I.
So now that I've had a chance to get used to our new gaming systems a little bit I figured I'd share my gamer id's with you...so that you can add me and stuff....because I need friends!

XBOX LIVE: i am ponkie
Playstasion 3: i_am_ponkie

I've mostly been playing Little Big Planet and A Kingdom for Keflings (XBOX download) lately. I absolutely adore them both.

catching up
I made a few backdated entries today, just to catch up a bit. I first did a end of the year review meme and it can be found here. I also created a new book post and movie post for 2009. Yes, I like making lists because it makes me feel more accomplished.

Sorry for being so mia lately. I try to read all your entries, but I'm sure I've missed a few. :( I'm pretty tired from work all the time...mainly due to having to be up at 4am and me not being a morning person at all.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful 2009! Much love to you all.
01|13|09 @ 11:23pm (UTC)
Wow - I LOVE that bedroom color. Our plan is to do our bedroom in orange (pumpkin) and purple (eggplant) if/when we ever get around to it.
01|14|09 @ 1:18am (UTC)
I love it too!
I always wanted an orange room and now I has it!
01|13|09 @ 11:24pm (UTC)
Oh - and THANKS again for the cookies & pretzels & mug!
01|14|09 @ 1:19am (UTC)
And thank you again for the scarf!
01|14|09 @ 12:03am (UTC)
We're getting Live here as soon as we get a wireless thing for the XBOX. My profile name is beanpop, so you can go ahead and add me and I'll actually be on as soon as we get that!
01|14|09 @ 1:19am (UTC)
Woot, let me know when you have it all set up!
01|14|09 @ 1:50am (UTC)
Oooo surprise card sounds awesome!
01|15|09 @ 4:03pm (UTC)
I thought it would be fun!
01|14|09 @ 3:16am (UTC)
Seconding the awesomeness of surprise mails :D

And that snowman is so cute.
01|15|09 @ 4:03pm (UTC)
Yay, glad you like the idea!
And yes, the snowman is so happy and cute. :)
01|15|09 @ 7:40am (UTC)
I should draw you up a list of Xbox game recommendations...
01|15|09 @ 4:04pm (UTC)
Please do! That would be so very helpful!
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