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books in 2009 
01|01|09 @ 12:00am
Stock [Fading Trees]
As last year, I will again be keeping track of the books I've read this year. This year my goal will be to read 25 books before the years end. We all know how bad I am with reading goals so I've lowered my goal to something a bit more realistic for me.

If you know of any books you think I absolutely must read this year feel free to leave me a comment! I appreciate all recommendations, I'm just slow at getting to them.

For archive purposes: 2008

# Date Author Title Rating Pages
01. 01.10 Holly Lisle The Ruby Key **** 361
02. 02. Cornelia Funke Inkheart * 534

895/10,000 pages. 4% completed!

2/25 books. 4% completed!
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