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Ponks XD

end of the year review

I can't believe how long it's been so long since I last updated. I doth fail. Anyway, much has happened since then but I doubt I can remember it all.

goodbye, two thousand eight
2004: (e) people are obnoxious everywhere...on the train in a confined place i cannot handle it. let me tell you whoever came up with the walkie-talkie phone thing needs to have a serious discussion with me. babies crying, people who have the phone glued to their ear and scream into the phone. the noise never ends.
2005: http://ponkie.livejournal.com/48823.html (I cheat because I totally forgot how awesome this post was)
2006: i'm freaking out. (that's the entire post, no idea what it was I was freaking out about....)
2007: i bought myself a horizon kompact as a christmas present to myself. (this has turned out to be my favorite camera; at least top three)
     01: I didn't take many photos this Christmas but I rather liked this one.
     02: The key to this menagerie is constant stirring or you will burn the beJEEBUZ out of it. Do not turn your back on a roiling cauldron of cheese sauce. It will burn and also is hot as the sun and harder to wash off than napalm.
     03: So...officially unemployed - again.
     04: I had a bra fitting yesterday.
     05: On May 2, 2008 the car spindle was destroyed.
     06: I am still alive.
     07: I been on a few more interviews and been rejected from them all. It makes me hate me.
     08: This has been by far, one of the worst weeks ever, in the history of mah life. (this was the only sentence I wrote that entire month.)
     09: It seems to become more and more difficult for me update regularly.
     10: Yes indeedy my statue of liberty polaroid is Shot of the Day on polanoid.net! XD
     11: 18:21 I voted!
     12: Anyway, after a sad goodbye to the Shadow and a few annoying weeks of having to be dropped off and picked up at work I am now the proud owner of an '88 Pontiac Grand Am.

Sorry I've failed at LJ this past year, I'm surprised you guys still read it!
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